Monday, September 20, 2010

BIL Airport Will be Full Operation by 2010

A MOU of the Lombok International Airport development has been signed by HL Wiratmaja – Central Lombok Regent and Bambang Sarwoto - Directur of PT Angkasa Pura I (PT. AP I) on 15 June 2007. According to Mr. Bambang Sarwoto airport construction is planned to be finished in 2009, being fully operational by 2010.
Mr. Bambang said that PT. AP I, the NTB Government and Central Lombok regency government take full responsibility in making the airport development venture a success. Each party will have their own duties and responsibilities in the Lombok International Airport development. The total funds stand at Rp 665 milliard. Rp 515 comes from the internal funding of PT AP I and will be used to develop main facilities, including the runway, airside, passengers' terminal and other supporting facilities. While Rp 110 Milliard of funds will be from the NTB government and will be used to develop taxiways, gates and infrastructure. Funding of Rp 40 milliard will come from the central Lombok government will be used to developed surrounding areas, including a park.

The Central Lombok Government also has the responsibility of providing the necessary infra structure, including clean water, telephones and electricity. Mr. HL Suprayatna – vice regent of central Lombok Regency - said that the government will try their best to support the development by providing all support needed. He said 'We all believe that the airport development will give many opportunities for work and business to the local people'. Ir Yudi Maisa MM - Technical Manager of Selaparang Airport and also Site Manager of Lombok Baru International Airport Development, also shared the same idea. Ir. Yudi said that PT. AP I will involve local people as much as possible on this project. It will also present the best supporter especially for the tourism sector.

The land clearing process still stands at 60% complete. It was scheduled to be finished last June but because of weather constraints (an unusual amount of rain in the last couple of months) it has been delayed. At least another four months will be needed to complete this phase of the project.

After the land clearing will be completed, the next plan is to build the run away. The contractor of the runway construction will be announced in the next couple weeks. A total f eight contractors have registered to get the project, one of them is a local contractor from NTB, one from Surabaya with the remaining hailing from Jakarta. The projected time needed to build a 2500m long and 45m wide runway, is two years.

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